Rolex congratulated the spokesperson Roger

Geneva, January 29, 2017, Roger Federer (Roger Federer) once again to rolex replica watches create tennis history, the fifth to win the Australian Open tennis championship, also won his fake watches career 18 Grand Slam (Grand Slam ®) championship, extraordinary achievements, no one can and. " Since 2010, after defeating Andy Murray (Andy Murray) to win, this is Federer sixth time in Melbourne among the men's singles finals, is also the first time in the Rodravo Arena (Rod Laver Arena) game. The Swiss champion and rival Rafael Nadal (Rafael Nadal) bitter fight 5, win over rivals, to lay the status of its great player in the history of the status. Since 2001, Federer has been working with fake rolex watches. There is no doubt that he is an outstanding figure in the tennis, brilliant achievements, has ranked the world's first total number of weeks for 302 weeks, which in February 2004 to August 2008 more consecutive 237 weeks ranked tennis king throne. Since winning the Grand Slam® Championship at the Wimbledon Championship in 2003, Roger Federer has been at the top of his athletic performance. His outstanding achievements, not only for the tennis industry, but also to enjoy his lofty status, even outside the altar highly respected. As the other Rolex sports spokespersons, such as the late golf star Arnold Plamer, ski master Jean-Claude Killy and legendary racing driver Sir Jack Stewart ( Jackie Stewart), Roger Federer is always compared with the great master of the master, in all walks of life will always keep a seat between the elite, and recognized by the world. Rolex and Federer sympathetic, like-minded, so the establishment of a long-term relations of cooperation. Only a handful of athletes as excellent as him, and with extraordinary talent and noble reputation on behalf of Rolex brand image. Rolex congratulates Roger on the historic Grand Slam® title and fully supports and continues his extraordinary journey