Fifty thousand up and down 2016 Rolex new air and new exploration how to choose

2016 has been in the replica rolex watches past, but in 2016 hot watch did not pass the past, Rolex's new air and the new probe, it can be said is very popular two watches, and the price is similar, a lot of friends on these two watches How to choose, really hurt the brains, today's watch home for everyone to compare these two swiss replica watches , for everyone to make a difficult decision to make a reference. Left: new empty Pa right: a new exploration Why a lot of people tangled in these two watches, because it is rolex replica uk launched in 2016 the new watch (a new probe a minute change), and the price is up and down in the fifty thousand, the new air bargaining price of 48,000 yuan, the new To explore a public price of 51100 yuan, and two are simple three needle watch models, naturally will be put together to choose. New empty dominance Price advantage, the new air compared to the new exploration, the first advantage is the price, the price of a new price of 3100 yuan cheaper than the new, although the gap is not large. Design advantages, the new empty Pa is a new design, and all previous Rolex watches are not the same, with more freshness. A new probe is a minute hand to increase the watch, increase the luminous display, not too much change, attractive doubt. And the new empty bag watch with 40 mm diameter design, than the new exploration of a large one millimeter, more in line with the large watch of the aesthetic trend. Anti-magnetic advantages, the new air carrier equipped with the internal Rolex 3131 self-winding movement, and green glass with the movement, using paramagnetic escapement wheel series, so the same also has the same super anti-magnetic ability, which is new Exploration of a do not have, of course, a new exploration in the movement there are other advantages, will be mentioned in the following. To explore a new advantage Time advantage, the old probe in Rolex in 2010 Basel Watch Fair launched the watch, the new probe is only a minute shift in the watch pointer to change, so it can be said that the new exploration has been a six-year test , Trustworthy, and the new empty Pa as a new watch, also need to accept the time of the test. Another exploration of a watch after the accumulation of time, has accumulated a certain degree of advocates, which is not available in the new air. Shock strength advantage, this watch is equipped with the internal Rolex 3132 self-winding movement, compared to the new empty tyrants of the 3131 movement, although there is no superior anti-magnetic ability, but 3132 with Rolex's own Paraflex shock absorber, Theoretically stronger earthquake resistance. Luminous advantage, in the 2016 watch stand, Rolex released a new exploration alone awakened thieves strong luminous photos, time stamps all use luminous design, flirtatious blue luminous picture once released, many friends are said to buy buy buy. In contrast to the new empty tyrants to a lot of shabby, in addition to the same pointer using luminous design, there are 12 o'clock position of the triangle when the standard is luminous, the other is not luminous design. New empty tyrants and new exploration a shortcoming Although the new air raid design novel, but not everyone likes this design, there are a lot of friends said it was the most ugly Rolex, no one. Two is the new empty tyrants of the luminous, and indeed can be said that its shortcomings, not only compared to the new one, seen friends sun drying luminous map, really shabby some. New exploration has no obvious weaknesses, before being criticized the place has been changed, minute pointer lengthened, 3,6,9 standard use luminous design, it can be said is a perfect watch, but some friends Mention that it may be better to add a little more to the diameter, and of course I personally think that the size is very good now. Summary: In terms of these two watches, the individual is more inclined to the new air Pa a little, like that slightly messy disk, like the golden crown and green ROLEX time scale, and that with the night dotted green second hand , Sometimes think about the new empty all the figures marked all the use of luminous design, that the good, think all feel good-looking. According to the authority of the watch home data show that both the amount of traffic, the amount of comments, the amount of collection, the new empty Pa than a new exploration of a popular, and I seem to hold the same view of the people or more