Wanguo Jones, Rolex Red round Aberdeen ... inventory of each brand unique stunt

Epee no front, big work, tiny mechanical world what is worthy of our admiration for the place? Today, take a look at each rolex replica uk brand unique skills. Iowa (IWC) Jones pin The founder of the nations of the United States Florentine Jones (Florentine A. Jones) in 1868 developed six different pocket uk replica watches design for the basic movement, the quality of these movements is very good, and have a " Jones Arrow "design - the movement has an arrow on the top of the pointer, balance the balance plate to extend to three quarters of the main plywood to accurately adjust the accuracy, with a long pointer adjuster, which is" Jones Arrow "of the prototype. At that time, this movement is often used in the replica watches world watch, and "Jones Arrow" this long flash needle more just play a decorative role. For decades, IWC has been improving the movement, and in 1930 it will be used in the Portuguese series of watches. Muehle-Glashuette Woodpecker neck fine-tuning Woodpecker neck fine-tuning device, is a gooseneck fine-tuning of the modified version of its special shape to make it a particularly strong shock capacity, in a very slim needle cut a very small gap, and gooseneck spring just convex Out of the location of the formation of the whole, so that does not affect the speed of the needle at the same time played a very good anti-seismic effect. Therefore, the woodpecker neck-type fine-tuning device not only improve the Moore watch sensitive adjustment device, but also to enhance its seismic stability. Rolex Red Wheel The red gear on the movement is a unique invention of Rolex, known by the Rolex fans as "red round Aberdeen", "Red Dragon Aberdeen" is an important component of the automatic refining system, including two curved hook Anti-reversing device, so that the saw can only move forward or stop, can not be back, you can drive the red clutch wheel, and then to achieve the action of the two-way refining, the operation is not only small noise, and the refining effect is good. It has anti-wear, low noise characteristics, equipped with "red round Aberdeen" Rolex watches are valuable. Iowa (IWC) Billeton winding device Albert Pellaton (Albert Pellaton) is the world watch factory 40, 50's technical director, he invented the Pleaton (Pellaton) automatic winding device. This device is different from the other winding device is that it will swing the power generated by the rotation through the cam transmission to the gem pulley with a rocker. This is a use of cam and pawl, ratchet between the cooperation to achieve two-way winding operation of the way. Pendulum in the 360 ​​degree of any rotation can be driven by the cam joystick, rocker in the cam under the push to do repeated movement. At this time the two long and short pawls on the rocker can hook the ratchet to complete the winding. This is the IWC patent, because the winding process resembles the action of woodpecker foraging, so also called "woodpecker winding device." Glashuttegrigine Gooseneck hooks Geese neck fine-tuning, is said to be popular in the late 19th century, the traditional process, the watch is not popular before the pocket watch era has emerged. Gooseneck fine-tuning "Swan-neck" As its name suggests, its shape is like a swan's neck, with a goose-like graceful curve. Mechanical movement of the length of the hairspring will affect the speed of rotation of the balance wheel, the shorter part of the shaking of the ball, the more the swing pendulum swing, the longer the part of the ball, the more the swing swing. Balance wheel fast, time to go fast, the balance wheel slow, long time to go slow. In order to adjust the flexibility of golf, a lot of movement are set up a "fast needle", by moving the speed of the needle we can simply control the length of the part of the ball hair vibration. And slow needle in the daily vibration if the movement of the oil will cause improper deviation, it is easy to affect the accuracy. So the invention of the gooseneck fine-tuning, the use of the elasticity of the metal plate to pinch the needle slowly, through the fine screws fine ear adjustment speed needle offset range. While the German-style Glashütte used double gooseneck fine-tuning with gold and silver staggered hand-carved picnic wheel plywood on behalf of Germany's highest watchmaking process. Lange (A.Lange & Söhne) Sesame Chain "Sesame chain" refers to the clock transmission in the process of regulating the output torque of the device, watch the world like a small chain like a bike chain, when the release of energy in the mechanical device when a grid of more accurate, its design The purpose is to make the clock time is more accurate. Sesame chain was used in astronomical clocks, sailing clocks, due to its mechanical structure restrictions, the size of the case space has a high demand, micro-chain processing is also difficult technology, so the sesame chain on the watch and not easy. It is said that as early as 1890 to 1945, Lange began to use this technology and become one of its most classic technology. Chopard (Chopard) Pearl Tuo Pearl Tuo, also known as Microtor, that is, a kind of moving Tuo movement. To small and exquisite, like a pearl-like fan-shaped attitude in the watch movement exists. Pearl pendulum Tuo's greatest role is to make the watch become more slim, and the movement can be presented to the world in front of the perfect. And Chopin Pearl Tuo the most outstanding, not only small and exquisite, the chain effect is also very good, generally use 22K gold material Tuo. Kunlun watch (Corum) gold bridge rectangular movement In 1980, Kunlun watch developed the first Jinqiao watch, when the watch industry to bring a strong impact. As the Kunlun watch flagship complex watch series, more than 30 years, Jinqiao series still let everyone see it all marvel. Improved self-winding Golden Bridge movement of the CO 113 manual winding movement, to be 33mm long, 3mm wide and 5mm thick rectangular hexahedron space inlaid 140 parts, including variable inertia balance wheel, And other subtle parts, and supplemented by hand-carved gold plywood and floor, whether it is micro-mechanical technology or luxurious decorative arts are magnificent, called the essence of watches and clocks.