The most concerned about the Chinese watch the top ten brands

Do not be late, straight into the topic. Today I want to uk replica watches share a few stories with you, some of what happened in the watch industry in the past, some of what I have encountered. Through these stories and my limited experience to tell you why the antique Rolex collection is still full of risks. At the same time, the modern rolex uk should pay attention to what. Dial only "ROLEX" line of words 6240. Antique Rolex Quotes opaque, identity mainly by guess? The first story is about a fake watches 6240.6240 is a model of Rolex Antique Ditong. 6240 is a model of the transition to the "modern" Rolex Daytona, 6240 and 6239 is that the 6240 timing button starts with a locking function. This is the main technical difference between the two models of Rolex Daytona. In addition, the two watches there are some details on the different, and the details of the differences have some problems. Standard Rolex 6240 dial will be marked with ROLEX / OYSTER / COSMOGRAPH from top to bottom three lines. The Rolex 6239 dial will have several different types, one of which is the dial only ROLEX line of words. Antique collection is rare, the less the more valuable things, suddenly one day, there has been a very unique 6240. This unique only 6240 dial only one line ROLEX (standard version is three lines), which was originally should not appear in this model on the watch. In this case, this is a only one line of words, but also with a timer button to lock the Di pass to take 6240. Collectors instantly boiled. There is no doubt that this table only instantaneous value soaring. This may be the only "one line" version 6240. Standard Edition Rolex 6240, visible on the dial ROLEX / OYSTER / COSMOGRAPH three lines, and the above "a line of words" is completely different. But at this time, there was a voice of doubt. Because by reason, this disk should not exist, a line of words should only appear on 6239. Even more embarrassing is that the Rolex official will never come to identify the watch true and false. So people began to guess. There are views that the table is likely to be in the production of the 6239 disk installed in the 6240 case, because this situation has occurred. There are also views that the watch is to profit from the auction of people or departments privately modified. This is true and false. In fact, when the "line of words" 6239 also do not distinguish between true and false, until people found a Rolex ad appeared on a "line of words" 6239, so that really proved the true identity of the watch. And this only "line of words" 6240 is no conclusive proof of identity. Everything is just speculation, everything is by guess. Known as the "black ghost" of the Rolex 6263, visible no red DAYTONA dial words. The second story is that in 2014, there was a unique Rolex Daytona Paul Newman 6263. This is only 6263 black face Di Tong Na 6263 disk is very special. Normally, the 6263 Daytona will have a DAYTONA word at the top of the 12-hour dial at 6 o'clock. But this black noodles 6263 does not have this DAYTONA words, so this watch is called "black ghost". At that time the only "black ghost" 6263 value reached nearly 500,000 US dollars. Similarly, the true identity of the watch can not be verified. There are views that the table only after the disk is artificially modified later. But also by those who want to get profiteering in the auction. But we can not completely deny, this is a true original Rolex 6263. Obviously, we still rely on guess. Standard Edition 6263, visible disc surface obvious DAYTONA words. The third story is what I see. Although the domestic watch the secondary market are the main trading of the domestic watch style. But occasionally can see some special watches, such as some antiques Rolex. Rolex is the largest domestic watch market trading one of the watches, so the basic all of the modern Rolex watches have a transparent market. There is no possibility that there will be no sky asking price problem. But the antique Rolex is not the same. Antique Rolex has nothing to refer to, and antique table to the product as the most important factor, product phase, the original degree of the decision to determine the value of the watch. And the product phase is a standard thing, the original degree of the average person is difficult to judge. I have seen a 1019, that is, the previous generation MILGAUSS, asking price is very high, more than the auction of major auction records, so that a table should not buy, dare not buy? For the general watch enthusiasts, of course, is negative. Rolex last generation MILGAUSS, 1019. Antique Rolex is a popular collection, many people know that there are profitable, fake, for parts, assembly, most people are difficult to distinguish. Such as Rolex Paul Newman is the most popular antique steel, the market in the 500,000 yuan or so. Foreign there are a lot of stock valjoux72 movement with the assembly of false Paul Newman, some people so fooled. All of the above examples tell us that the collection of antique Rolex is still full of risks. Why is the problem of modern Rolex? Although Rolex is one of the two giants of the watch industry, but compared with Patek Philippe, Rolex's production is quite huge. So in the world through the circulation of a large number of Rolex. In some casinos Rolex can exchange cash directly, and only Rolex has this privilege, the other watches do not have. Why is the collection of antique Rolex full of risks, but the problem of modern Rolex is not too big? Because of the great mobility of modern Rolex, there is already a well-known transparent market and rules. Any one of our Rolex can basically grasp its market. Of course, the price will fluctuate slightly up and down, but the market is very stable. Rolex 16610 and 116610 seem very similar, but in fact the watch configuration is different, the market is also a big difference. A look at the model, the basic can know how much money, auction the secondary market is almost how much money. In turn, one to see the price, you can know which specific model, such as 16610 or 116610, everything is very transparent. So the sale of Rolex will not be like a small table, there is no market reference, pricing, discount, trading prices will be erratic, people are not allowed (many high-end small table is priceless). Any one of the traders of Rolex, and will never put a modern Rolex to exceed its own range of prices, the market everyone who knows, who can not follow the routine "out of the card." So you will not buy "particularly expensive" Rolex, of course, will not buy "particularly cheap" Rolex. This is actually the most powerful place for Rolex. Rolex 16610 (left) and 116610 (right), through the time scale, bezel these details, or can distinguish between old and new generation of water ghosts. So what else need to be noticed? Now we are talking about the Rolex real form, excluding false watch category. The world's large circulation of modern Rolex is not much problem. Table is true, because the senior watch enthusiasts picked up a counterfeit Rolex about you can know it is false form, fake imitation again, but also imitate the movement. Rolex 3135 movement and imitation table ETA movement, Citizen movement has a completely different characteristics, adjust the time, Akira Akira can distinguish (do watch business people, sell a false watch he can not stand in the circle ). I have to share with you here is the Rolex really need to pay attention to some of the problems. Typical Rendezvous Rolex 116710, gem quality and mosaic level is far from the original compared to the original. The first is to modify Rolex, some Rolex will be modified in the folk diamond. Because Rolex drill table wages are high, especially the bezel diamond. Some people put no drill ring model, put on a gem circle or set a circle of precious stones. These drill (later diamond) Rolex in the secondary market a lot. The sale of Rolex will tell the buyer after the drill, but in case you do not understand it? Only the price of cheap ... ... because the drill after the Rolex to the level of mosaic and the huge gap between the original, the second is the sale of Rolex is not connected. Not just Rolex, all the drill after the table I think it is not worth buying (A lot of people who buy after drilling is mainly to 70,000 tables out of the feeling of 700,000).