Rolex and Patek Philippe as the legendary watch leader

Welcome 2015, replica watch Chelini full adjustment, welcome Rolex, Celini series is so far recognized and most easy to identify the watch. Over time, it has been identified as a representative of modern replica rolex watches. Celini is the crystallization of Rolex watchmaking technology and expertise. Over the years, this watch has experienced a lot of aesthetic improvements, but it has no doubt that the design features have been respected and retained. New Rolex Chelini series watch grand listing, watch diameter 39mmx10mm, business men preferred Patek Philippe: swiss rolex 2824 movement! Unique handmade carved flower case noble symbol, with shell surface [rose] [rose] [male gods [rose] preferred [love] 40mmX10mm, real shot effect! Roger Federer, who has 18 Grand Slam tennis stars, is born in Basel, the world's largest watch exhibition every year. At the same time he himself is a unique watch enthusiasts, the past few years, he has served as the Rolex brand ambassador, whenever he raised the Champions League, we can see his wrist wearing a distinctive Rolex Watch. Perhaps because of the love for his hometown, as well as for the tabulation industry self-confidence. Federer and Rolex signed a ten-year contract, and was ridiculed by the outside world is a decade of deed. After winning the championship again and again, standing on the championship podium, ten years of glory every moment, all for Switzerland, are Rolex pocketed the attention. In this year's Australian Open men's singles finals, Federer once again saw the veteran rival, are 30 + tennis veteran, Nadal and Federer each duel is a historical moment, not to mention the Roger sprint in eight big When the slogan. And his own tennis career, Federer's most memorable is in the summer of 2009, his first pair of twins was born, when Federer in Wimbledon successfully break Pete Sampras (Pete Sampras) Grand Slam record , To achieve the hearts of the wish. He wore the Rolex watch on the day, let him recall that the meaning of the summer. "Whenever I look at the watch, the picture of that day is vivid." "... ... my hometown of Switzerland, for the achievements of now I have a far-reaching impact.Then, I found myself or can become the first world's first Swiss tennis player.I think I may be able to create unprecedented achievements, so I In this attitude to move forward, from the opponent, have the opportunity to break the record and love to participate in the game to get inspired and provoke morale ... ... and then in 2009, I won the first French tennis tournament champion, and prepared To Wimbledon trying to break the Pete Sampras Grand Slam record and I can not think of a fierce match against Roddick after five rounds, winning the game and winning the record. I was wearing the Rolex watch when I lifted the trophy, and I was wearing the Rolex watch. As a man tennis tennis for many years the king, Federer has been a global spokesperson for many years Rolex watches. In Rolex's ad, Federer wear an Oyster-style constant-action log series of watches to become classic. And this piece of watch is also the French online Federer refresh the record wearing that one. Perhaps for ten years, we can witness the record again and again, but for Federer, this contains the love and pride of the home watch, often standing on the podium's self-confidence, often life Recorders. Rolex and Federer between the thousands of strands of contact, not so much a paper "sell deed", it is better than ten years love. Because the fee for them is given a memory and emotion, Rolex naturally should also be grateful to wear their own watch to take the championship podium Federer.