Why do you like the green ghosts with Rolex?

rolex uk is known for its superior reliability, and it is believed that many people in our lives have heard of its name. And we most of the people of the first high-end watch more than 60% of people will choose replica watch. Because in a lot of time and place occasions Rolex is a very praise of the equipment. Many fake watches inside, the famous "water ghost" be the first card props. The so-called "water ghost", the first refers only to Sea-Dweller (sea), then without helium valve Submariner (submariner) has also been included in the "water ghost" category. And now is now, almost as long as grow into "that", are the majority of friends are called "water ghost". The current in the store to buy the "water ghost", mainly in the production of 116610LN, 116610LV (green) or 116600 (waterproof 4000 feet with calendar, exhaust valve), 116660 (ruffian) and 116613LB (blue Gold), the market in the sale of the most expensive 116619LB (platinum blue disk, in fact, more expensive diamond in the catalog), and the most expensive entry section 114060 (waterproof 300 meters, without calendar). For the players, you can use the cheapest price to get "water ghost" is the best choice. Rolex Blackwater Ghost Series Introduction Rolex pioneer series 116610LN (black) mechanical male watch has been known as Rolex Blackwater Ghosts It's oyster-style case to strengthen the three anti-characteristics, whether it is dust, water, or shock can withstand, and no one can open the case, in order to open this oyster shell must be 5 Newton / M torque can be. This kind of shell can be effective in protecting the movement, to ensure the accuracy, enough to make people trust. Rolex ROLEX-Submariner Series 116610LN (Black) Mechanical Male Watch In order to protect the movement from the water and dust damage, the crown is used to lock the chain crown. After tightening the Oyster case can be completely sealed, like a submarine sealed door the same. One-way rotation of the outer ring, allows divers to record dive time, only one-way rotation is to avoid the wrong time with the oxygen margin. 300M waterproof effect with Oyster shell protection makes it the first choice for outdoor sports. Instant jumping calendar plus Rolex personality blister calendar window can clearly see the date. Function with other diving watch the same, but the pressure is no one can compare, whether it is the shell of the waterproof support, or a solid material so that the water devil is different from other diving watchs. Rolex green water ghost, that is, green ceramic green surface of the submarine 116610LV This is our green ghost. Yes, you are not wrong, it is only small "black" smaller "green" and all the configuration and product design are exactly the same. But it is because of a change in the color of its price is expensive out of several into. It is only from the aesthetic point of view, green is not a good match with the color, friends. Whether you are taking the president of the line of the dress or forced to warm the man's casual wear, coupled with such a green ghost, others will always feel that your watch is very garish, greeted the eyes of your hand will be green piece of the Rolex Water ghost, very out of tune. Of course, have asked some like to bring the ghost of the players, very direct answer: because I am cool! Yes, it is because the green water ghost of this personality set the color of its worth turned over. The green ghost is very good to meet most of the players play psychological: 1: I'm cooler than you 2: I let you notice that I am cooler than you The common core needs of the players are: the "brand" and "symbol" of the pursuit of beyond everything, even in the small details of the pursuit of individuality, but whether it has a "water ghost" is the key.